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FAMDBC, a US-based entity, is committed to working in conjunction with SABCPD, the African branch of FAMDBC, to create lasting relationships and play a critical role in the socio-economic development of the African Diaspora. Our mission is to operate profitable and sustainable mining operations of gold, rare earth, and critical minerals in both Zambia and Africa-wide. We believe in responsible mining practices and social impact initiatives that empower and unite local leaders, and contribute to the social-economic development of villages and ultimately Africa.

As a socially-minded and socially-enterprising consortium of African miners and entrepreneurs, our objective is to position ourselves as a federation of African miners and entrepreneurs, from agriculture, health, to renewable energy, in partnership with the Diaspora and others that support the overall social-economic development of Africa. Through capital injection and educational programs, we seek to build institutional structures that drive fundamental change and economic transformation, creating a new benchmark for hope and vision in Africa.

With the support of the government of Zambia and Africa, we are committed to facilitating an economy with a social agenda that brings prosperity to the people. We understand the importance of creating lasting relationships and playing a critical role in the socio-economic development of the African Diaspora. Therefore, we are dedicated to our vision of being a socially-minded and socially-enterprising consortium that operates profitable and sustainable mining operations, contributing to the overall growth and development of Africa.

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FAMDBC & SABCPD acquires and develops mining assets in Zambia and Africa-wide containing metallic minerals such as Gold, Silver, Manganese, and Copper, gemstones like Diamonds and Emeralds, and Rare Earth Minerals used in various products.


 Our agricultural platforms will work in conjunction with our mining operations to create a sustainable and diverse economy. We will distribute goods into American markets through partnerships with local and international distributors to facilitate direct-to-consumer sales.


Through partnerships with local healthcare providers and medical professionals, we plan to provide access to affordable medicines and healthcare products. We leverage our existing networks to identify  distribution partners and transportation companies to ensure that these products reach communities in need.


Consortium invests in developing renewable energy projects such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power plants. The consortium also partners with existing energy companies in Africa to acquire stakes in existing projects, as well as invest in new infrastructure to improve the efficiency and reliability of power supply to the local communities.

Another area of investment of the Consortium includes the distribution of fuel and oil. The demand for fuel and oil is on the rise because of increased mining activities in both Africa and the DRC.


The development of transportation infrastructure, such as roads, railways, and airports, offers opportunities for investment in Africa As the country develops, there may be a need for more modern and efficient transportation systems.


Consortium invests in building hotels, resorts, and other tourist accommodations, as well as developing tourism infrastructure such as tour operators, transportation, and cultural experiences. The consortium also collaborates with local stakeholders, including government agencies, to promote Africa as a desirable tourist destination.


Consortium invests in the acquisition of existing manufacturing companies and will build new facilities to produce consumer goods, construction materials, and industrial products. The consortium also partners with local businesses to develop value chains, to include sourcing raw materials from local farmers for food processing factories.


Consortium invests in technology startups in Africa, incubating and accelerating innovation in areas such as software development, e-commerce, and digital services. The consortium also creates partnerships with local universities and research centers to encourage collaboration and technology transfer.


Consortium invests in building new hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities in Africa, as well as acquiring stakes in existing ones. The consortium also invests heavily in training and education programs to improve the skills of local healthcare professionals and enhance the quality of care provided to the communities.


Consortium invests in acquiring and developing agricultural land suitable for livestock farming. Additionally, the consortium invests in improving animal husbandry practices, disease control, and modernizing livestock feed production. Lastly, the consortium invests in value-addition by setting up meat processing plants and partnering with existing ones.


Consortium invests in the development of fish farming operations, including establishing fish hatcheries, building fish ponds or tanks, and investing in fish feed production. The consortium also partners with local communities to promote the development of small-scale fish farming operations. Consortium invests in setting up fish processing plants and partnering with existing ones.



FAMDBC aims to create a massive change in paradigm perception for economic transformation in Africa through a consortium of African miners and other business entrepreneurs, in collaboration with the African Diaspora. Our plan is to merge our resources and business ventures with local chieftains and implement both educational and character development programs to contribute to the overall sustainable development of villages and ultimately Africa.

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