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FAMDBC'S relationship with SABCPD

The Federation of Africans Mining and Diaspora of Business Consortium (FAMDBC) and Shin Africa Business Consortium for Peace and Development (SABCPD) are sister companies that share a common goal of helping African miners through specialized services. To include: 






In addition to these services, we exclusively represent an investment company that funds public and private large projects ranging from $400 million to $15 billion USD. Our expertise includes investment strategy, project development, infrastructure projects, logistics and transportation, mineral management, and more. We also work with American agricultural distribution companies to bring African produce into the American market and have a cashew manufacturing business on the continent selling into the American market.

Our ultimate goal is to build sustainable solutions and social development within all African communities through specialized educational projects, infrastructure development, and training in economic community development and character education. We partner with Borg Investment Bank and Trust, which specializes in lease and purchasing SBLCs, Private Investment & Asset Management-based Special Purpose Vehicles, and more. Through these efforts, we strive to contribute to the sustainability of African communities.

FAMDBC is a socially minded and socially enterprising consortium of African miners and entrepreneurs in partnership with the African diaspora, committed to operating profitable and sustainable mining operations of gold, rare earth and critical minerals in both Zambia and Africa-wide. Through responsible mining practices and social impact initiatives, we seek to not only empower and unite local leaders, but also implement the capital injection and educational programs that contribute to the social economic development of villages and ultimately Africa. 

FAMDBC is dedicated to building institutional structures that drive fundamental change and economic transformation, creating a new benchmark for hope and vision in Africa. By partnering with local leaders, our objective is to position ourselves as a federation of African miners and entrepreneurs, from Agriculture, to Health in partnership with the Diaspora and others that support the overall social economic development of Africa. With the support of the government of Zambia and Africa, we will facilitate an economy with a social agenda that will bring prosperity.

  • Providing Capital Injection

  • Professionalizing the business of Mining

  • Specialized Consulting Services for all business ventures.

  • Creating Partnerships between Africa and African Americans and the greater Diaspora

  • Connecting Opportunities for capital investors looking to invest in Africa or form businesses and partnerships


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